I operate AS207480, a network in the RIPE region. The network is primarily implemented as an overlay on top of other providers’ networks, and is IPv6-only internally with translation mechanisms in place to provide access to IPv4-only networks. This network is intended to be an opportunity to learn about internet routing, as well as to provide a unified means of addressing mobile and/or geographically distributed machines I operate.

As a result, I’m gaining hands-on experience in using BGP for routing, RPKI for route information validation, and NAT64 and DNS64 for IPv6 to IPv4 translation.

AS207480 operates a (mostly) open peering policy, is listed on PeeringDB, and is a member of KleyReX. The network is generally open for peering in VMHaus’s London and Amsterdam locations and at KleyRex.

Thanks to Cynthia Revström, Mythic Beasts Ltd, Basil Fillan, Tim Stallard and Ben Cartwright-Cox.