Bikeshedding my ~/src

My home directory contains a directory called src, an abbreviation for “source”. This directory is indeed the source of many things, which range from router configuration for AS207480, to git repositories for software (both of my own creation and from third parties), to the sources for the website you’re reading just now.

There are far too many possible ways to organise all of this. Up until this afternoon, anything which was version controlled was under ~/src/git, however I have rather a lot of stuff which is version controlled using git, which doesn’t offer terribly granular categorisation. I also have some things which aren’t version controlled, for various reasons, but they’re more of an exception than the norm. I decided to take a shot at reorganising this, to see if I can find a better way of laying out all the “sources” on my laptop.

In no particular order…

This isn’t to say that this is the perfect layout. I’m a bit irked about the existence of ~/src/grey, but that may one day turn into motivation to actively deal with the reasons for its existence in the first place. Debian packages are a minor headache occasionally, though that’s only really because they don’t behave like everything else.

It’ll probably take less than a year for me to change my mind and reorganise everything again.