Music I'm listening to just now

Kadum - Ways of Perception (2024/02/12)

If "the chamber music of psytrance" exists then this might be it.

Infected Mushroom - Disco Mushroom REBORN (2024/02/12)

They made old IM sound like new IM, and I've been enjoying the result.

Ava Max - Kings & Queens (2023/11/08)

Heard while shopping for audio cables.

KUNZITE - VAPORS (2023/03/28)

There are so many good lyrics in here.

KUNZITE - CIELO (2023/03/28)

A shining moment of clarity.

KUNZITE & Ratatat - SATURN (2023/03/28)

If you like Ratatat, you should check out KUNZITE.

Solar Fields - Sky Trees (2022/12/21)

This is the fire in which I will burn.

Röyksopp - Circuit Breaker (2022/10/22)

As in previous entries, this hits the feels as only Röyksopp can.

Labrinth - See You Assholes Later (2022/08/27)

I have a soft spot for grandiose organs.

Vieon - Proteus (2022/06/06)

Sounds of EMFcamp 2022.

Ott - Little Tiny Elephant (2022/05/26)

A timeskip and a blast from the past.

Dominik Eulberg - Goldene Acht (2021/11/14)

Memories from a world left behind.

False Noise - Collapse Theme (2021/08/20)

And thence, quiescence.

Infected Mushroom - Only Solutions (2021/08/03)

I wish fixing problems was easier sometimes.

Infected Mushroom - You Wanna Stay (2021/06/28)

The EP this track is from (Shroomeez) is a neat little set.

Extrawelt - Murder Ballet (2021/06/28)

More nice album artwork.

Ott - Unit Delta Plus (2021/06/07)

The album this is from (Fairchildren) is just generally really comfy.

Deichkind - Keine Party (2021/05/17)

German listening practice.

Infected Mushroom - End of the Road (2021/05/17)

That feeling when you finish university.

Infected Mushroom - U R So Fucked (2021/05/17)

Exam soundtrack, but ironically.

TR/ST - Unbleached (2021/04/22)

Hello, old friend.

Apashe - Majesty (ft. Wasiu) (2021/04/11)

This had a rare, first-listen "woah!" moment for me.

Apashe - Uebok (Gotta Run) (ft. INSTASAMKA) (2021/04/11)

The music video for this track is really amusing.

Apashe - Green Crack (ft. Wifisfuneral) (2021/04/01)

Quite harsh, but eventually cathartic. Optionally, skip to two minutes in.

Shpongle - Dr. Vinklestein Says (2021/03/29)

I'm not quite sure what this is, but I didn't know that I needed it in my life.

Shpongle - A Series Of Heads (2021/01/31)

Bonus track from Codex VI (as far as I know, this isn't on Spotify!)

Shpongle - Remember the Future (2021/01/23)

Not a bad choice of soundtrack for debugging kernel crashes, as it turns out.

Ludwig Göransson - Rainy Night In Tallinn (2021/01/16)

From the 2020 film "Tenet". Music for the end times.

Molecule - Leitmotiv (2021/01/11)

Headphones recommended.

Shpongle - Behind Closed Eyelids (2021/01/01)

An unexpected highlight from my New Year's morning Shpongle binge.

Danny Elfman - Main Titles (2020/12/12)

From the 2005 film adaption of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". This is a fun ride to listen to!

OVERWERK - Beyond (2020/10/27)

Thinking out beyond the edge of the board.

OVERWERK - Stars (Calvin Harris Cover) (2020/10/27)

Power to your brain. Power to the mind's museum.

Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth (Astrix remix) (2020/10/07)

This is a nice take on an old classic.

DeFeKT & Extrawelt - Field Day (2020/10/03)

This track was the one which really got me hooked on Extrawelt.

Boris Brejcha - Flockentanz (2020/10/01)

The key concept here is *precision*. This is a pretty slick track.

Polyphia - G.O.A.T. (2020/09/30)

These guys have mad guitar skills